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Part II: A complete guide to the Best Beaches to swim and relax in Heraklion, Crete.

Following our previous post regarding the beaches close to Heraklion city and the Galaxy Hotel, today we are making our summer way south to find some of Crete’s most famous and pristine beaches. As we have already mentioned, the beaches on the south part of Heraklion prefecture are more quiet and serene but yet represent some of Crete’s unparallel beauty. Let’s dive to crystal clear waters and relax on the sandy or pebbled shores that make your holidays in Crete a beautiful and fulfilling experience.

Beaches in the Heraklion Prefecture (up to 85 km. away from the city)

Malia Beach: Before we head south there is a beach approximately 40 km from Heraklion city on the side. We are talking about the famous and fully organized beach of Malia; the youngsters’ favourite who find in the beach of Malia the fun on the beach bars and the water sports thrill that they are looking for. The beach is sandy but you can also swim on the neighbouring beaches of Stalida or Potamos.

Tsoutsouros Beach: We are now as south as 60 km from Heraklion and we stop at the beach of Tsoutsouros with the crystal clear waters and the interesting archaeological site found on the settlement on Tsoutsouros. The beach is not organized but you will find some traditional cafes and trees to protect you from the sun! Tip: Close to Tsoutsouros beach, there are the beaches of Agios Nikitas and Maridaki. The road leading to these beautiful beaches is quite rocky and you have to be careful.

Tris Eklissies Beach: This is a pristine and untouched by heavy tourist development beach with clear water and lovely views. The only thing is that the road that will lead you to this summer paradise is a little bit rocky and it will be better to go with a crossroad car. Tip: If you are in Tris Ekklisies Beach then take the boat that will take you to the White and Black Beach. We won’t tell you more as these beaches are among the best kept beach secrets of Crete.

Kalamaki Beach: With a much better road and after 65 km from the Galaxy Hotel in Heraklion city, you will find the organized beach of Kalamaki with sand and  the homonymous traditional village with lots of choices for coffee and food.

Keratokampos Beach: The setting now is changing as in Keratokampos beach you will feel the exotic and tropic side of Crete as here you are swimming in Libyan Sea. Peace and serenity are the main characteristics of this beach where you can swim and feel a real “away from it all” experience.

Matala Beach: More than a must visit beach in Crete. The famous beach of Matala is something more than the 60’s and 70’s summer refugee for hippies and a fully organized sandy beach. The rock with the natural caves is one of the most spectacular, natural sites of Crete. An area that was inhabitant since antiquity is one of the most beautiful coast places in Crete! The driving of 75 km. to reach Matala worths every meter as here you will enjoy swimming next to a unique setting.

Martsalo Beach: We stay in the area of Matala and we take the boat for the beach of Martsalo. This is the beach of Crete where Disciple Paul arrived but moreover this is a magical spot as the palm trees and the azure waters are creating a stunning scenery to swim and enjoy. Tip: there is another way to reach the Martsalo beach; if you walk through the Cannyon for about 40 minutes!

Agiofarago Beach: You are in Matala and looking for more adventures? Then if you walk through the Agiofarago Canyon for about 25 minutes you will reach a hidden gem, an unspoiled summer paradise found and enjoyed by few!

Kali Limenes Beach: If you are in this area yet then try finding the protected from the winds beach of Kali Limenes. The beach has pebbles and clear waters where you will also find traditional taverns to eat.

Komos Beach: Between Matala and Kalamaki we find the beach of Komos. The port of the ancient city Phaistos is today a peaceful and beautiful beach with sand cliffs and crystal clear waters. A part of the beach is dedicated to those who prefer to swim naked and there is also an organized part with sunbeds and umbrellas available. This is one of the biggest beaches in Crete.

Lentas: This is a beautiful area approximately 75 km. from Galaxy Hotel and Heraklion city; a traditional and picturesque fish village where visitors love to go. The beach of Lentas is organized but there are also the beaches of Disko and Trafoulas.  Tip: the beach of Diskos has a part for nudists.

Tripiti Beach: Another hidden paradise for the adventiurous visitors of Crete is the beach of Tripiti. Pass through the impressive Tripiti Canyon and find yourself in a pristine beach with turquoise waters and a wild scenery that will enchanted you!

Vathy Beach: A bay pretected from the winds and a beach with pebbles is the scenery of the Vathy Beach, 80 km from Galaxy Hotel and Heraklion. You will have to drive to the village of Siva and continue on a rocky road to approach this secluded paradise on the southern Crete.

Koudoumas Beach: A famous among locals beach favourite for the peacefulness, the serenity and the sandy beach. There is nothing to lie on but the sand and you will enjoy swimming in this well protected from the winds beach of Heraklion.

With these last dives, we conclude our journey to the beaches of Heraklion. For more details about the route and how to reach them, the people of Galaxy Hotel will be delighted to provide all the necessary information.

photo source: http://sloorp.me/BvdY4