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A City Stay in Heraklion, Crete? Why Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is the best choice for a city stay in Crete.

City Stay in Heraklion

Some parts of the island of Crete are among the top summer destinations in the world, but there is also the city of Heraklion. Crete’s largest city is an all year round beautiful destination bursting with life and beauty. Galaxy Hotel Iraklio, a more than 30 years established accommodation choice, can be the best choice for a city stay in Heraklion that combines the best of relaxation and convenience. Let us explain all the elements that will make your city stay in Heraklion & Galaxy Hotel Iraklio a great one!

The location of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio ensures that you have all the main districts and points of interest within walking distance or at least in a few minutes’ drive! Once you’ve booked your room or suite in Galaxy Hotel, we will also provide you with all the details about the sites and the places that you must visit to experience the best of the city of Heraklion!

We provided as a main reason the location of the hotel but your first impression from the building and the rooms will fascinate you with the urban chic aesthetics. All common spaces, rooms and suites of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio are designed to meet your expectations for a relaxing city stay in the charming city of Heraklion!

We are moving on now to the services of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio. We had already taken care of any special desire regarding your city stay in Heraklion and our people will be guiding you to enjoy the best of a city stay. Enjoy beauty treatments, keep being fit at the fully equipped gym and relax by the city’s largest swimming pool found just in Galaxy Hotel Iraklio.

A lot of things might be modern and updated in Galaxy Hotel Iraklio but the island where you are already at and especially its tastes are more than present at the rich buffets and the menus of Vetri restaurant. As a visitor of Heraklion city, you might want to be part of the city’s everyday life! In Galaxy Hotel Iraklio we have the right place for you; the all-day bar restaurant Per Se which is among the favourite places of the locals and where you will enjoy socializing with the people and the visitors of the beautiful city of Heraklion! For a city stay to remember in Heraklion city, just click on www.galaxy-hotel.com.