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Conference Tourism: Why Choose the island of Crete in Greece.

Conference Tourism in Crete

The multi-faceted island of Crete is a year-long destination. The temperate climate of the Mediterranean; the endless miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters; the alternating scenery; the vibrant city-life and the plethora of activities that suit every taste make this island an ideal destination for all. Naturally, you can combine any of Crete’s many charms with a business trip, for a complete business travel experience that can include elements of a relaxing holiday in an extraordinary location such as Crete.

But what happens if you are interested in conference tourism?  Are those facts enough for you to choose Crete for your conference? What more would you need?

The answer is pretty simple. You need a state-of-the-art conference centre.

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is the ideal hotel choice for conference tourism in Crete; it is the perfect hotel to host your conference, but also accommodate its participants, in a modern and hospitable environment, with top-notch equipment and professional services.

Our facilities include 9 different conference and business meeting rooms, with ambient natural lighting, to enforce productivity and concentration, or carefully designed artificial lighting for a strict, professional working environment. These function rooms can be equipped with anything that would be required for your conference’s smooth flow; from computers, projectors, flip charts and conference phones to translation and secretarial services.  In addition to the nine function rooms, Galaxy Hotel Iraklio can support your conference with the use of its two renowned restaurants, Vetri and Per Se, for welcoming cocktails, snack and lunch breaks or after-conference business dinners.

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio gives a new meaning to conference tourism in Crete, with options catering to all your professional needs, while offering comfortable and luxurious accommodation for your conference’s participants. For further information on organizing a business conference or any other event go to:  http://www.galaxy-hotel.com/meetings-events

For a detailed capacity chart of our conference rooms click: http://goo.gl/Vi2NBd