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A true story about Cretan hospitality. Welcome to Galaxy Hotel Iraklio!

Cretan hospitality

There is a thin line between the stay in a hotel and a truly memorable accommodation experience. Sometimes there are boundaries between visiting a destination and living a complete visitor’s experience. The over 30 years existence of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio and the people working and sharing their passion for hospitality with Crete’s and Heraklion city’s visitors want to share with you a story. The story of the famous Cretan hospitality and how it is expressed in every facility, service or smile of the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio!

So how is really staying in Galaxy Hotel Iraklio? From the welcoming people at the reception, or even earlier, if you arrange a transfer with us when our multilingual driver will greet you and drive you safely for your first “acquaintance” with the city of many civilizations and cultures, is the moment that will make you feel as a special and precious guest of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio!

Then is your room or suite; a comfortable and elegant place to spend your days in Heraklion city with style and according to the purpose of your visit! Either you are in the beautiful city of Heraklion for business or for pleasure, the rooms and suites are covering all your needs!

Feeling hungry after your short or long trip to Crete? Even if you have already heard that the Cretan diet is the healthiest in the Mediterranean and the basic element for Cretan’s longevity, wait until you have the first bites from the Galaxy Hotel’s Iraklio restaurant, Per Se and Vetri. Freshly made with local products every meal is an all senses feast coming from the combination of gastronomic simplicity and creativity.

Start exploring now the city and the prefecture of Heraklion! After a dive at the swimming pool or at the elegant lobby meet the people of Galaxy Hotel that will guide your steps to the best sites, the beaches, the points of interest of the city of Heraklion. Ask about where you can continue with your favourite sport and you are now ready to feel the real dimension of the Cretan hospitality. You are now a guest of Galaxy Hotel Iralio and ready to feel the real dimensions of the genuine Cretan hospitality!