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The Cretan Olive oil: the best labels to search for!

Cretan Olive Oil

Throughout the course of history, the island of Crete and the olive oil have been strongly interrelated; the fruit and oil of the invaluable olive tree have played a vital role in the advance of the island’s prosperity and economy, not to mention the inhabitants’ exemplary good health.

It is widely accepted that the olive oil is the most significant ingredient of the famous Cretan Diet, and the main reason for the notably low percentage of coronary disease amongst the Cretans. The moderate Mediterranean climate of Crete and the unique properties of the Cretan soil result in an agricultural produce of the highest quality. Combined with time honored extracting methods those do nothing to damage or alter the natural consistency of the olive oil, and you get the optimal result: the world famous, healthy,  extra virgin Cretan Olive Oil!

Cretan olives and olive oil have been popular around the world since the ancient times, as there is archaeological evidence of olive oil exports even during the Minoan times. Until today, this treasured commodity is preferred by many, and visitors of Crete have the valuable opportunity to shop for Cretan extra virgin olive oil right at its very source.  So if you are a fan of exceptional, natural, organic products, do not miss out on the chance to shop around for Cretan olive oil! These are some of the most common labels to look for, all with Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indications (PGI):

Chanis Kritis Olive Oil (PGI)
Kolymvari Chanion Kritis Olive Oil (PDO)
Apokorona Chanion Kritis Olive Oil (PDO)
Voreios Mylopotamos Rethymnou Kritis Olive Oil (PDO)
Peza Herakliou Kritis Olive Oil (PDO)
Viannos Herakliou Kritis Olive Oil (PDO)
Thrapsano Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PDO)
Selino Kritis Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PDO)
Archanes Herakliou Kritis (PDO)

Take a little flavor of Crete with you and elevate your cooking to a whole new level of taste- and healthiness!