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Cretan Wedding traditions – Host the wedding of your dreams in Galaxy Hotel Iraklio!

Cretan Wedding Traditions

Upholding tradition and cultural heritage is an important part of the Cretans’ everyday life, and even more significant in special occasions such as religious holidays and events like weddings. The Cretan wedding traditions pass from one generation to the next and have remained almost intact in countless years to this day, embellishing every wedding with the joyous colours and sounds of the rich Cretan legacy.

Music naturally plays a big part in any Cretan traditional wedding. Musicians playing the “lyra” and the “laouto” and singing the famous wedding “mantinades” start the celebration by rhythmically wishing longevity, abundance and many children to the newlyweds. Of course, when there’s music, there is also plenty of dancing, and everyone spins joyously around to the melodies of “pentozali”, “syrtos” and “maleviziotis”.

Another significant part of every traditional Cretan wedding is the food. Dishes come and go, all full with traditional, delicious Cretan tastes made with the amazing, fresh, local ingredients that have characterize the renowned Cretan cuisine. There are many dishes that are especially reserved for Cretan weddings, the most famous of which is the hearty “gamopilafo”, a scrumptious risotto that has slowly simmered in a thick meat broth for hours and served with “stakovoutyro”, another Cretan delicacy that puts butter to shame!

Should you choose to have your wedding on the magical island of Crete, Galaxy Hotel Iraklio can host the wedding of your dreams! Our hotel is more than just an elegant accommodation choice for the newlywed couple and their wedding guests; it is the perfect venue for a romantic wedding and an unforgettable, elegant wedding reception.

It is even possible to incorporate to your celebration any Cretan wedding tradition you wish; from wedding dishes to Cretan musicians and dancers in traditional costumes, Galaxy Hotel Iraklio can arrange every detail in order to plan the wedding of your dreams!


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