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The Wines of Heraklion region & The Wines Roads of Heraklion prefecture!

Cretan wines

Like all Cretan agricultural products, Cretan wines are simply exceptional; its unique indigenous varieties have been cultivated on the island since ancient times, and today’s modern technology has helped elevate Cretan viniculture to a whole new level. The area of Heraklion holds the lion’s share of the wineries and total volume of wine produced on the island; therefore it is the epicenter of wine tourism in Crete.

There are four main wine varieties in the Heraklion region certified as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin); Dafnes (PDO), Arhanes (PDO), Peza (PDO) and Chandakas-Candia & Malvasia Chandakas-Candia (PDO).

As part of the “Wine Roads of Heraklion” initiative, two main routes cross the Heraklion prefecture with the city of Heraklion as their starting point; passing through numerous vineyards open to the public and always happy to welcome wine enthusiasts from around the world. One route is to the east, via the Knossos road through the cluster of wineries where the red PDO Arhanes wines are produced and the Peza area, the origin of the PDO Peza red and white wines. The western route passes along the main road towards Phaestos and Matala through the vineyard of the PDO Dafnes dry and sweet wines.

Explore the rich viniculture history of this amazing island by following the Wine Roads of Heraklion, visiting wineries and sampling the intoxicating flavors of the unique Cretan Wines. Throughout the year, numerous wine festivals and several wine tasting activities are organized both from the Wines of Crete initiative and individually by local winemakers. The local wine produce is of course a staple in most restaurants and tavernas in Crete, and it stars in many delicious traditional Cretan recipes; so complement your gastronomic explorations with the intoxicating fragrances and rich, mesmerizing tastes of the famous Cretan wines.

For details regarding where to find Cretan Wines and all the details about the routes, as well as information about the wineries address to the reception of Galaxy Hotel or Galaxy Villas! We will be delighted to help you uncork and enjoy the Cretan wines!