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Galaxy Renovations

Like every year both Economou Hotels received refreshing makeovers in many areas! Dedicated to continuously offering our guests the best possible stay experience, both Galaxy Hotel Iraklio and Galaxy Villas in Crete are on a frequent revamping schedule, making our facilities even more comfortable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. It is with great delight that we present to you our full list of renovations that took place this year.

At Galaxy Villas, we replaced the tables and chairs that surround our pool area, making it even more enjoyable for our guests. However, the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio’ swimming pool area has undergone a full refurbishment. We have totally rearranged the pool deck and purchased new seating and equipment including new lighting arrangements. The most popular addition are the new pool bean bags that make hanging out by our pool even more sensational and the two new cocktail and food bars are awesome. Wanting to share the ambiance of our liquid oasis, we now also welcome external guests who can escape the heat of the city and enjoy the refreshing aura of our pool. Find out more about visiting the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio pool.

Happenings & Activities
In the evenings, our pool becomes a place of entertainment, regularly featuring live music events of eclectic sounds that match the elegance of the surrounding environment. And since our pool’s ambiance definitely soothes the senses, it also makes for the perfect yoga practice setting, so the yogis among our guests reach new levels of wellness by taking their session poolside under the guidance of a professional Yoga instructor every Friday morning.  Participation for our guests is complimentary while outside guests are welcome too.


At Galaxy hotel we have replaced all a la carte china and glassware to reach an exquisite pairing with our ambiance and amazing food.  We also completely redid our menus, giving our guests full freedom of culinary choice. Throughout the Hotel including our two restaurants (Per Se and Vetri), the Pool Deck and Room Service our guests are in for treats! An All Day Food menu, including Breakfast and Brunch choices, an amazing Dinner menu (based on Cretan and Greek gastronomy) as well as a new Pool menu, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your sunbed in order to enjoy a meal around the pool and last but not least, an extensive Room Service menu (don’t miss the in-house freshly made pizza). But we didn’t stop there. Our Per Se bar has its own Bar Food menu, and the Galaxy now boasts a Beverage menu with a huge collection of spirits and cocktails as well as a Sommelier curated Wine list with a thoughtfully collected extensive array of local, Greek and international wines. We are very happy about all our menus, Food and Beverage as they reflect our passion for food and particularly proud of our unique in our area Wine List.

All our Superior Category Rooms of the Galaxy Hotel have been enhanced with an espresso coffee  and tea maker so that guests can enjoy their favourite beverage in the comfort of their room, anytime. We have also added USB outlets in all of our rooms, which we feel guests will very much appreciate. By now we have replaced the carpeting in all of our rooms entirely, as well as in all the corridors of our Heraklion hotel. Additionally, we have mounted all TV screens onto walls for freeing up some counter space while we also added stools in all interior common areas, across all floors, making lounging easier wherever you are!  At Galaxy Villas, guests’ outdoor relaxation is amplified due to the new furniture of each villa-apartment’s balconies, and are now more comfortable and stylish than before. Finally, all curtains have been changed, freshening up the interiors and effortlessly giving them a more jubilant note.

Each of these changes has been made with our guests’ satisfaction in mind. We are interested in finding out what our esteemed guests think about these changes! If you have visited us in the past, we would like to extend an open invitation to host you once again so you can experience our hospitality and these refurbishments first hand and let us know what you think. If you have already visited us already post refurbishment, then by all means, give us your feedback.

Stay tuned for more as we are on the constant look out for making our hotels even more enjoyable, pleasant and stylish for all of you to enjoy.