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Why stay in the city of Heraklion and the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio!

There are many things to check and think before choosing a destination for your holidays or your business stay in a city; the proximity to the means of transportation, the facilities, the room or suite’s amenities and the convenience the exact location of a hotel near to the points of interest of a city. Now let’s be more specific and talk about the city of Heraklion and the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio and let us share all the reasons why choosing the city of Heraklio and our hotel for your holidays or your stay is an ideal accommodation and relaxing experience that will not disappoint you at all!

Why choosing the city of Heraklion for your holidays?

The city of Heraklion is the biggest city in Crete and one of the biggest in Greece. Iraklio combines the beautiful sights of its past with the modern proposals for shopping, all kinds of restaurants and many cafes and bars. Museums, squares, the area of the old port, the impressive buildings of the past and the modern times are built next to each other creating an atmosphere that will travel you from early antiquity and Knossos to today through walks in the mornings or at the afternoons. Moreover, the city of Heraklion has everything a modern traveller can ask either travelling to Heraklion for business or on vacation. Close by beaches, canyons and activities proposals meet the modern amenities of a city with history and beauty.

Why Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is the best choice for your stay?

Being on the forefront of genuine Cretan hospitality for more than 30 years, the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio after its latest renovation is now in the new era that combines the finest of accommodation with rooms and suites (www.galaxy-hotel.com/accommodation) specially designed for business travellers, being the only hotel in Crete to offer Pure Allergy Free Rooms and among the few hotels in Europe that feature that kind of accommodation. The two restaurants Per Se and Vetri (www.galaxy-hotel.com/restaurants), the fully equipped gym (www.galaxy-hotel.com/services-facilities), the swimming pool area and the solutions for business meetings and conferences (http://www.galaxy-hotel.com/services-facilities)  are what make Galaxy Hotel Iraklio the hotel-to-be for your stay in Crete.

We can talk -or – we can write much more lines and words about the experiences and the convenience of the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio location, the authentic tastes and the beauty services but we want you to discover by yourself all the elements that will make your stay in our hotel a memorable and genuine Cretan experience! The one that we offer for more than 30 years now to the visitors and lovers of the island of Crete!