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Humanitarian activities in Heraklion

With 2017 being officially over, we have fully embraced 2018 with warmth in our hearts and with the best of hopes. Looking back at the year that just ended, it is with great pride that we can share the following activities of corporate responsibility at the Galaxy Hotel, which was our way of giving back to the local community that we greatly support. Below, in chronological order, you will find a list of the activities carried out at our hotel that were undertaken with humanitarian intentions, a charitable attitude, and with the sentiment of solidarity.

18  –  21/01/17:
The Smile of the Child || << Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού >>

“The Smile of the Child” is one of the longest standing organisations, founded in 1995 by 10 year old Andreas Yannopoulos’ vision to support children and ensure as much as possible that they receive love, affection, care and respect.
It was our pleasure of hosting the President of The Smile of the Child and his wife for 3 nights, during which period they undertook interviews for the staffing purposes of the organisation’s Heraklion branch.

Voluntary Blood Donation || << Εθελοντική Αιμοδοσία >>

It was an honour for Galaxy Hotel to be part of this important activity, providing the venue where the 1st voluntary blood donation took place, in cooperation with Venizelio Hopsital.

Organisation of Alzheimer’s Disease Allilengii || << Εταιρεία Νόσου Αλτζχάιμερ Αλληλεγγύη >>

The Christmas celebrations of Allilengii (Solidarity), held at Galaxy Hotel were heartwarming highlight! The members were welcomed in a warm, endearing environment that we created especially for them, in a festive fiesta that was characterised by the spirit of solidarity and support.  

14/04/17  &  23/12/17:
Kitrini Apostoli Aid || << Κίτρινη Αποστολή >>

Kitrini Apostoli Aid is a charitable and humanitarian organisation that collects and distributes items that less fortunate people and families are in need of. This includes clothes, food, household items and toys among others.
During Easter and Christmas, with the kind sponsorship of Mr. Economou, it was arranged that the exchange of these items was carried out at the Galaxy Hotel.

We have greatly enjoyed being involved in these activities and we will continue to play our part when and wherever possible. Happy New Year to each and everyone!