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A lovely Cretan fairytale: Idaion Andron – the cave where Zeus grew up!

Mythology of Crete

The enchanting mythology of Crete has its roots buried deep in the magic of centuries long past, but not forgotten. The outline that divides mythical fiction from historical facts is thin, sometimes completely indiscernible, resulting in a plethora of myths, fables and bed-time stories that remain to this day, enthralling children and adults alike and feeding the movie industry even to this day!

Crete has a significant place in Greek mythology; situated in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, influenced by advanced civilizations and with a rich history of its own, it could not be anything but the trestle for fairy tales and stories of times past.

If you are even slightly familiar with the basics of Greek Mythology, you have certainly heard of the twelve Gods of Olympus, and you have watched at least one movie that starred Greek gods, heroes and kings. Zeus was the king of all gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, creator of Earth and Man; and of course, Zeus was born and raised in Crete!

Let’s take it all from the beginning. In the beginning of time, the Cosmos was consisted by Gaia (the Earth) and Uranos (the Sky), who sired the Titans, strong and fearsome entities; Cronus, their leader, bound with pride and ambition overturned the rule of his father, crowning himself the king of the Cosmos. He and his wife Rea sired many heirs, but for fear that he may be overturned by one of them, Cronus ate all his offspring. Rea, in her desperation, tried to save her last baby, Zeus, by replacing him with a large swaddled stone for Cronus to swallow, while hiding Zeus in a cave on mount Idi of Crete, called Idaion Andron. She left the goat Amaltheia to nurture him, and created an army of warriors called Kourites to protect him. When Zeus grew up, he fought his father and made him bring all his brothers and sisters back, who then became the remaining eleven gods of Mount Olumpus under the rule of the most powerful God of all; The Cretan Zeus.

You can visit the Idaion Antron cave on the Psiloreitis Mountain, and feel the ancient magic as your discovering the secrets of the mythology of Crete!

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