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Nightlife in Heraklion city: the best venues for drinking and dancing!

Nightlife in Heraklion city

The city of Heraklion is as vibrant at night as it is throughout the day! A night out is not only a matter of Saturday nights in Crete but an everyday question. The important is to decide what kind of entertainment you are looking for, as nightlife in Heraklion city simply offers it all; from easy going nights at bars to traditional tavernas with music and from clubs to disco, here are the best roads to lead your night steps towards a great night out in the city of Heraklion!

At the city centre and especially in Korai Street, you will find the pedestrian street with the stylish and modern cafes and bars which youngsters of the city do not abandon anytime of the night. All venues are never closing all year long and are giving to the nightlife of Heraklion city the perfect spot for the first drinks of the night. You will also find bars at the Chandakos Street playing latin, jazz and rock in addition to mainstream music that you will also hear.

If you prefer to live a traditional night out in Heraklion city, then at the Municipal Central Market (Kornaros Square to Meintani) you will find plenty of tavernas serving traditional Cretan appetizers where the sounds of Cretan songs are almost everywhere. For more tavernas and Cretan fun, make a stop also at the St Titus Square and close to the cathedral of Heraklion city where you also find ouzeries to enjoy a Cretan night out among locals of all ages.

At the seaside central avenue and especially at the Sofoklis Venizelos Street is where the Heraklion city nightlife heart beats as all major night clubs are found here! All kinds of dancing music are playing loud here, whereas you can also find more quiet spots to enjoy your drinks and the view!

If you want to travel to discover more about the nightlife in Heraklion City then at the area of Hersonissos, where Galaxy Villas are located, you will live the summer night vibrations at bars, clubs and restaurants which only in Heraklion and Crete can be lived!

photo source: https://goo.gl/MctRO3