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Cretan products: What’s to taste every season!

Products of Crete

You are probably aware that the Cretan diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world! The Cretan’s life longevity is the biggest proof of that suggestion. The Cretan diet as you presume is based on the products of the Cretan soil, but this is something that we are going to examine in one of Galaxy Villas future posts as, for today, we will present the basic Cretan products that you can find in Crete every season. With the help of the Galaxy Villas in Hersonissos gastronomy specialists, whose tastes and dishes you can try in the restaurant of the Galaxy Villas, we present you the not-to-miss products of Crete.

The olive oil. The base of all Cretan cooking with history dating back to ancient times reaches up to today with more than 35 million olive oil trees cultivated on the island of Crete. There are 10 olive oils produced in Crete recognized with a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) distinction. More specifically the areas of Peza, Vianos and Archanes in Heraklion are giving olive oil with PDO discrimination.

The cheese. Cretan cheeses are famous and full of flavour. Farming is part of Crete’s rural life since antiquity thus a series of delicious cheeses are made with traditional recipes. Foodie visitors of Crete search for “anthotiro”, a hard cheese ideal for pasta, the Cretan gruyere, the spicy “kefalotiri”, the “ksinomizithra” a sour type of a cheese made only in Crete and the Cretan type of cheese that reminds cheese and yogurt called “staka” and the butter called “stakovoutyro”.

The wine. Another gastronomic field that Crete has a long tradition is the wine making. In the mountainous parts of Heraklion a variety of great wines is produced. Varieties like moshato, athiri, and international wine varieties like chardonnay, cabernet chavignon, Syrah and merlot are giving wines that you can enjoy in your Galaxy Villa in Crete.

Herbs & Vegetables. The Cretan soil gives some unique vegetables like “stamnagathi” that is worth trying in a salad or a dish. As for the herbs, you will find ready to buy little bags with dittany, sage, mint and so much more to take with you the aromas and the refreshing tastes of Crete.

The honey. Made mostly with thyme, the honey of Crete is among the oldest and tasteful products of Crete. A vase with Cretan honey encloses one of the tastes that will remind you of Crete when you are back home.

Our tasty journey to the basic products of Crete ends here. But your search for the delicious tastes of Crete starts at the restaurant of Galaxy Villa in Hersonissos, Crete! For more details you can click on www.galaxy-villas.com/dining-crete or at our sister property Galaxy Hotel special to Cretan products at www.galaxy-hotel.com/ingredients.