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Discover how the “Spirit” of Crete is made at the Rakokazana (Kazanemata) celebration!

Rakokazana in Crete

Undoubtedly, the most famous drink of Crete is raki! Raki is part of the everyday life and the most famous welcome drink for the visitors and the guests in a Cretan house; an integral part of Cretan hospitality and life in Crete! As the month of November approaches, the making of raki, called Kazanemata or Rakokazana in Crete, is about to take place in a lot of houses and wineries! So, do you want to know how raki is made and celebrate with locals the creation of the Crete’s most beloved spirit? Before heading to the reception of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio for all the details read about this Cretan feast to the lines below!

The tradition of  Kazanemata or Rakokazana in Crete is really old and is taking place to houses all over Crete. The leftovers from grapes, after being left in barrels for 40 days, are now going through a distillation procedure that is giving the fruity and delicious raki. This is a call to celebrate! Around the still pot where the skin and the seeds of the grape will be boiled, Cretans are gathered to celebrate the new raki! How this happening is and what it is included at Kazanemata – Rakokazana in Crete?

Fun, food and good mood to start with. Locals are gathered to enjoy local food, from seasonal fruits to meat, exchange the famous and spontaneous “mantinades” (Cretan small poems) and even dance when the spirit of raki and the locals are high enough to celebrate in this cheerful way the creation of the new and fresh raki!

The Kazanemata are starting at the end of October and last for a month and this is an exceptional opportunity for the autumn visitors of Crete to live a genuine Cretan experience. Address to the reception to find out where to celebrate this beautiful occasion in Crete and … and live like a real Cretan. This one of the many aspects that makes life in Crete so genuinely unique!

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