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Vetri Restaurant & Per Se Lounge & Restaurant: Where to eat in Galaxy Hotel in Heraklion, Crete!

Restaurants in Heraklion

Gastronomy and tastes are such an important element of your stay in Galaxy Hotel in Crete. The art of traditional cooking and the carefully selected products meet with the chef’s creativity and personnel’s care! Being heirs to the healthiest and most tasty diet of the Mediterranean, Cretans take a great pride for their culinary traditions and heritage. Today’s topic though refers to the two Galaxy Hotel restaurants  in Heraklion, Crete and we are ready to embark for a delicious journey that will take us to the shores and the mountain’s tops of an island as unique as Crete!

How many restaurants are in Galaxy Hotel in Heraklion city?

Galaxy Hotel features two elegant restaurants in Heraklion called Vetri and Per Se. Decorated with taste and finesse in Vetri Restaurant you will enjoy your meal gazing at the light blue colour of the swimming pool whereas the Per Se Restaurant is a favourite meeting point for locals and visitors of the city of Heraklion.

When these two restaurants in Heraklion are open?

Both Vetri and Per Se Restaurants serve breakfast, lunch, drinks and beverages whereas during summer months Vetri Restaurant is open for dinner while Per Se Restaurant in Heraklion, Crete serves dinner all year round!

Let’s talk about the tastes served in Galaxy Hotels Restaurants in Heraklion!

Made with carefully selected products from local producers and based on the traditional recipes with a creative twist in Vetri and Per Se restaurants you will taste dishes full of flavour, Mediterranean temper and Cretan soul! There is no need to talk about the breakfast buffet with Cretan delicacies, the light bites full of taste for lunch and the sophisticated gastronomic proposals for a delicious dinner in Crete simply because the people of the Galaxy Hotel’s restaurant are there to welcome you and make you feel like you are having dinner at your home in Crete!

Can I order my meal in my room or my suite?

Of course Galaxy Hotel’s room service is available to be enjoyed in the privacy and the comfort of your room or suite in Galaxy Hotel in the city of Heraklion and the island of Crete!

What about Cretan wines? Are they available on the menus?

A selection of local and international wines are in Vetri and Per Se restaurant menus to enjoy the local varieties and discover all the new labels from the wineries from all over Crete. Do not forget to order our innovative and inspirational cocktails.

We can go on and on talking, describing and telling you about our gastronomic scene. But this is more an invitation to discover the Vetri and Per Se Restaurants of Galaxy Hotel in the city of Heraklion which has the responsibility to take you on a complete journey on Crete’s healthy and delicious food! For menus and photos just click on.