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A Romantic Stay of Choice in Crete! Galaxy Villas is for Couples!

Romantic stay in Crete

An island full of beauty and love! A romantic corner made for couples who cherish privacy and luxury! These two small sentences may conclude why choosing Galaxy Villas in the village of Koutouloufari near Chersonissos in Crete is the perfect romantic getaway but there are more. More to discover and enjoy with your significant one! More tastes, views, relaxation moments and  a truly romantic stay in Crete.

Either you are travelling for your honeymoon or you are a couple of every age, in Galaxy Villas you will write a new piece on your love story as you are gazing the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and breathing to the fresh air coming from the mountain! Now is time to discover the romantic corners and the amenities for two by Galaxy Villas near Heraklion in Crete!

Choose your villa. The four different types of Galaxy villas are where your romantic story in Crete begins. Ranging from 40 to 70 sq.m., choose your soothing settlement where you will enjoy the privacy of your stay, the view from your balcony and the unique amenities of your Galaxy Villa in Crete.

Relax. There are many ways to relax in Galaxy Villas. We suggest spending hours in the swimming pool of the complex, ordering cocktails from the pool bar, enjoying the sun and precious moments of carefreeness by the pool and having your beloved just sitting in the next sun bed of Galaxy Villas in Chersonissos!

Enjoy moments like. Take a stroll for two on the village of Koutouloufari with the traditional ambience and if you look for beaches and fun, then less than one kilometre away the resort of Chersonissos has everything from beach bars to water sports as well as serene beaches to enjoy the real Cretan beauty.

Arrange. A massage session or a beauty treatment for two! It is as simple as contacting the reception of Galaxy Villas in Crete and then enjoy the refreshing feeling and continue writing the lines for your love that you have already started by choosing Galaxy Villas for your romantic stay or your honeymoon in Crete!

What is romance? If not a romantic dinner for two? The clear Cretan skies have plenty of stars whereas in the restaurant of Galaxy Villas, we are cooking for you a dinner to enjoy under the light of the candles and with the impeccable service of Galaxy Villas in Crete. Genuine Cretan tastes are romantically combined with the mood and the atmosphere of our restaurant!

What has not being included in our little romantic story? Probably things and feelings that you have to discover and feel as you are staying in the Galaxy Villas near Chersonissos and the beautiful island of Crete. For more details why just not click on www.galaxy-villas.com!