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September and autumn in Crete! Why this is one of the most beautiful months to visit Crete and Galaxy Hotel Iraklio!

You would probably have heard it before. You can even get the picture! September and autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Greece and the island of Crete! There are several reasons and today from this Galaxy Hotel Iraklio article, we will share with you all the reasons that will lead you to book on line your stay in Galaxy Hotel Iraklio.

The tourist crowds are now back home meaning less people at the important sites of Heraklion and the Knossos. Also you can walk at the streets of the city enjoying even more your walks around and your stops at the points of interest and the landmarks of the city!

Beaches near Heraklion city, like Ammoudara and across the prefecture of Heraklion, are where you can now find more space to enjoy your time by the sea! Roads leading to the main attractions of Crete, such as the canyons, have less traffic, whereas now it is a great time for hiking and all sorts of water sports.

Autumn’s months are also ideal to visit Crete for your honeymoon or even organize your wedding. The weather is perfect for an outdoors wedding at the picturesque churches of Crete as well as for a perfect wedding reception at the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio! Your guests will be thrilled to discover Crete at this point of the year!

Regarding tastes, the first months of autumn is when the harvest of grapes is taking place and the new wines are getting ready at the wineries of Crete creating the perfect opportunity to visit the wineries and enjoy the first sips of the new harvest!

Last but not least, probably the most important reason that will bring you to Crete during autumn, which is the weather! The summer’s heart still beats in the heart of the Mediterranean, where Crete is located! The sun is still shining; the Aegean breeze cools your afternoons making the colours of the sky more vivid and refreshing in every step you take as you are enjoying your holidays in Crete!

We have now reached our destination which is a click on http://sloorp.me/69yOc to live the experience of autumn in Heraklion and the island of Crete!

photo source: http://sloorp.me/HbGVb