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The best Shopping Districts in the city of Heraklion

Shopping in Heraklion

People of Heraklion city love shopping and the city itself holds one of the best shopping scenes in Greece! Shopping in Heraklion is yet another experience combining stops to stylish shops and the market of the city. Sunny days are more often as you already know, so let’s take a long shopping stroll in the city of Heraklion to discover the most fashionable routes in the city.

Designers’ & More. Let’s start shopping in Heraklion where probably the best district to shop is Dedalus Street as here you will find stores with clothes, accessories and shoes by world famous brands like Zara, Massimo Duti, Hugo Boss and so much more. The Dedalus Street starts from Lions Square and ends at Eleftherias Square both spots also host great shops. At the Dikaiosinis Street, you will also find stylish shops as well as at the 1821 Street, whereas if you are looking for more money, then visit the banks at the 25th August Street. Tip: If you prefer shopping in a mall, then visit the Talos Plaza Shopping Centre which is highly recommended for shopping in Heraklion with your family!

Shop like a Cretan: Walk along the Agora of Crete at the 1866 Street to find the best of the Cretan earth. More like a festive for all senses with the aromas of the herbs and the tastes of the honey, the cheeses and the sweets, this is a genuine shopping experience in Crete. After all, why not taking home as a souvenir the delicious tastes of Crete?

Info: The Shops in Heraklion city are open: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 09.00 to 14.30, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 09.00 to 14.00 & 17.30 to 20.30. Souvenir shops are open all day long.

Insider’s Detail: In Greece, shopping is always with combined with a long stop for a coffee with friends and family! There is no complete shopping experience in Crete if you don’t stop at one of the many coffee shops to enjoy a hot or cold coffee or beverage, watch the people go by and discuss about your next purchases or those fabulous shoes that you saw in a shop that, for the moment, you can’t recall its name!