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The top 5 things to do in the city of Heraklion| Tips for short and long stay travellers!

The city of Heraklion

In a city with a rich history where people are giving to the everyday life a flair of liveliness and a welcoming attitude towards life from the moment that they wake up, in the city of Heraklion which civilizations like the Minoan made famous and important across the world and the Venetians, the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Arabs created an intriguing mosaic of the Heraklion’s multicultural identity.  Here the tastes of the olives, fresh fish and local meat are combined with herbs and colourful vegetables and the deep blue colours of the Aegean Sea meet the eternity of the horizon as you are having a glass of wine. In Galaxy Hotel’s Iraklio blog post, we are giving you the top 5 things to do when you are in the city of Heraklion so that you can be a part of the city’s life, history and fun.

Tours: Wherever you are staying either for a long period or just a few days, the best and most effective way to discover the city is to be part of an organized tour, or let the people of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio organize a private one just for you. We strongly recommend a sightseeing tour to explore as many aspects of the history of Heraklion as you are interested in. Also at the museums of the city you will find the art crafts of of the city of Heraklion  and Crete’s history. All the details are at www.galaxy-hotel.com/location.

Tip: Arrange a wine tour to enjoy some of Crete’s famous wines and see the renovated wineries that bring the island of Crete back on the gastronomic destinations in Greece.

Swim: From May to October the beaches of  Heraklion city and prefecture are the places where you will enjoy the bright, Cretan sun and you will swim, dive, fish in beaches covering every need; from relaxation to partying and from adventures to just having a bite and a traditional drink by the sea, the beaches of Heraklion are just little- and bigger- paradises in the Mediterranean. All the details though are at www.lifeincrete.com/beaches-in-crete.

Activities: Heraklion is the heart of the activities in the city or around. Here is where the climbers, the foodies, the hikers, the trekkers and all the adventurous visitors of the island of Crete are looking for the best routes, restaurants, canyons, countryside excursions, sailing proposals to start exploring the nature and the beauty of a city and a region blessed by Gods and treated with love by its people.

Shopping: Being the commercial centre of the island of Crete for ages, the city of Heraklion hosts all kinds of shops for day(s) starting from windows shopping and ending to full with all kind of goodies bags! Beyond souvenirs, try finding fancy fashion stores, delicatessens, traditional items and everything that fits your luggage and bring with you the nice memories from Crete.

Tip: If you decide to dedicate a day or some hours for shopping then make a break for a coffee or for a light lunch at the several street food proposals of the city of Heraklion.

Enjoying: As part of Cretan’s lifestyle enjoying is what you definitely have to do! But if you are wondering how to do so in Crete just let us tell you, that a walk to the city, some pictures at the walls of the castle, the fountains at the squares, and some traditional raki with a meze will definitely bring you closer to Crete’s beauty and life’s gratitude. Views to the sea and the sky are part of the completion of happy days in Crete and the city of Heraklion.

photo source: http://sloorp.me/IWMDG