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The Safety and Environmental Policies at Galaxy Hotel Iraklio!

The Hotel Safety and Environmental Policies

One of the principal concerns of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is to provide and maintain and constantly improve upon a healthy and safe environment for its guests, visitors, employees as well as independent private contractors it may employ. All national safety regulations are strictly followed and the staff is well informed in trained to the hotel’s health and safety regulations. The Hotel Safety and Environmental Policies that ensure the above in Galaxy Hotel Iraklio incorporate in its facilities the following:

Advanced, centrally-monitored fire safety including smoke/fire detectors and automatic sprinklers
Properly signed fire exits and escape routes
Safety lights
Fire alarms and extinguishers in all corridors and public areas
Automatic emergency electric generator
Fire-proof and safety certified guest room doors with electronic key-card system

Furthermore, our hotel guests is under 24 hour security protection, while there is an On-call doctor available, and at least one member of the staff trained in first aid at all times. The staff is continually trained in emergency situation handling, such as fire, flood or earthquake, and is familiar with evacuating techniques and the usage of the emergency equipment, e.g the fire extinguishers. All safety and health equipment of Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is properly and professionally maintained to ensure optimal rendition in any case of emergency.

Protecting the Environment is also of great significance for Galaxy Hotel Iraklio, both as an obligation and a social commitment. Our “green” efforts include:

Electricity saving devices in rooms
LED and low consumption lights throughout the hotel’s facilities
Computerized remote-controlled lighting and air conditioning systems
Recycling programme
Careful and limited usage of natural resources such as water and printing paper
Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is proud to pursue and a responsible, sustainable behaviour, and commits to constantly thrive to improve on its hotel Safety and Environmental policies.  For more visit www.galaxy-hotel.com