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The museums of Heraklion city: Stops full of history and beauty.

The museums of Heraklion city

In a city with such a rich history, the museums of Heraklion city hold a special interest for today’s visitors. The cultures flourished and leave their marks on the city and the prefecture of Heraklion, the beautiful pieces of art and the installations of Heraklion city’s past are found in the museums. And there are some not- to- be- missed presented in this article.

The museums of Heraklion city:

The Archaeological Museum. Probably one of the most important museums in the Mediterranean as this is home to the findings from Knossos Palace and area, the ancient cities of Phaistos and Zakros. The famous Disc of Phaistos, frescoes from the Minoan Palace, pottery and jewellery are among the precious exhibits of this unique museum hosted in an impressive building in the heart of the city of Heraklion.

The museums of Heraklion city

The museums of Heraklion city

The Museum of Natural History. The best place to see up and close the details for the unique species and the rare fauna of Crete. It is highly recommended for families with children.

The Historical Museum. The recent history of the city of Heraklion from the Byzantine era up to today is presented through permanent collections including pottery, sculpture, byzantine art, ceramics and halls dedicated to the famous Greek painter El Greco, the renewed Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis and many more.

The Museum for the Battle of Crete. The legendary resistance to German occupants during the Second World War is represented through relics that “narrate” the story of one of the most glorious moments of Cretan history.

More cultural stops in the city of Heraklion include: The Municipal Gallery and Basilica of St. Mark that hosts many exhibitions throughout the year and has a permanent collection with historic photos. The Koules Venetian Fortress on the harbour walls to see this impressive spot both from the inside and the outside and the Religious Museum in the church of Agia Ekaterini Sinaites, home to important icons from the Byzantine period.

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