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Read Before Travelling. The Weather Forecast: How is the weather all year round in Heraklion, Crete.

Weather in Crete

Located on a privileged position in the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Crete despite its mountainous hinterland, enjoys the beautiful and mild weather conditions of the Mediterranean type of climate. The southern parts though are under the North African climate with higher temperatures and more sun throughout the year. The fact is that there are no major differences but let’s have a season by season look to the weather in Crete, as the island is a great choice for visiting and holidays all year destination.

Autumn Weather Conditions in Crete. Autumn has a diversity concerning the weather in Crete, as September can be as hot and sunny as the summer months, whereas, in October, the temperatures are starting to fall and in November the weather starts to get as cold as 25C.

Winter Weather Conditions in Crete. The snow falls on the top of the Cretan mountains, especially by the end of winter, but generally Crete enjoys mild temperatures and soft, in terms of coldness, winters.

Spring Weather Conditions in Crete. The nature’s rebirth is a feast both for the nature as well as for the visitors of Crete during that time of the year. Chilly mornings moving to sunny afternoons and by the start of May the weather is fine if you wish to start swimming at the sea.

Summer Weather Conditions in Crete. With temperatures starting from 20C up to 40Csome days, the average temperature is 30C during midday. The sun is shining all summer months, whereas the rain is rare but not unlikely to fall giving “drops of refreshment” to the land of Crete.

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