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The Zaros Lake – a special excursion in Crete for nature lovers!

Zarou Lake in Crete

Almost 45 kilometers away from Heraklio, on the slopes of Mount Psiloreitis, hidden in a an amazing evergreen forest a little treasure lies in wait for you to discover and spend an extraordinary day breathing fresh air and exploring the beauties of nature; the Votomos Lake, or more commonly known as Zarou Lake!

Zarou Lake in Crete is a small, man-made lake created in the crater formed by the water flow of the Votomos springs and has transformed the area into a small piece of heaven. Ducks, geese, swans, and hundreds of other bird species can be seen swimming in the serene, trout filled turquoise waters. The last remaining functional watermill runs with the power of these waters, and it’s one of the most favorite photography spots in the area.

Next to the lake you will find some small cafes and restaurants that offer you a refreshing beverage and scrumptious, traditional dishes in balconies and terraces in the tranquility of the lake. Some restaurateurs will be more than happy to pack a picnic lunch for you to enjoy in the forest’s designated picnic areas. Start your day with a coffee by the lake side, follow the creek’s path into the forest for a small walk to the waterfalls, admire the calmness of the woods and the peace of mind that only nature can offer so generously; and don’t forget to look for the rare Cretan orchids that blossom in the pine tree shades. On your way you will encounter the Saint Nicholas monastery (about 900 meters from the lake), and 2,5 klms down the path starts the magnificent Saint Nickolas Canyon, which leads to the Rouvas Forest. The entire route to the Rouvas forest from the lake is approximately 10 kilometres and lasts about 4 hours but it’s really worth a try as long as you are equipped with good hiking shoes!

Spend an unforgettable day in the serenity of Zarou Lake in Crete; savor the delectable Cretan food and walk around the forest; and don’t forget your camera!!!

photo source: http://goo.gl/eJY73M